The talent referral platform for startups & tech companies
Scouta helps hiring teams amplify their employee referral program and get quality referrals from other startups
The average company gets 7% of their hires via referral
Don’t be average.
Refer or get referred to great roles in startups & tech companies
Earn referral bonuses or get companies to apply to you.
Why Scouta?

As hiring managers in product and engineering organizations, the Scouta team have experienced the challenges of building great teams for a global, scaling company. It’s hard to find the right talent at the right time, that will gel easily with your existing team. Using external recruiting agencies is expensive and usually fails to find good long-term hires.

  • Referred candidates stay longer.
  • Referred candidates onboard faster.
  • Avoid recruiting agency fees.

We know that great people are connected to other great people (better connected than recruiting agencies). Scouta helps you make the most of your internal employee program and incentivizes great people outside your company (even on the other side of the world) to refer talent who would be a good fit for your open roles.

Scouta is currently onboarding companies and referrers around the globe