Referrals are your best hires
Get more referrals from your employees or other startups. Save time, recruiter fees and get pre-qualified candidates.
Internal referrals
Supercharge your employee referral program
Manage referral rewards
Offer different rewards per role. Cash rewards or other employee incentives.
Gamified Referrals
Encourage engagement with leaderboards and referral statuses.
Tracking & Reporting
Track from clicks to hire. Referrers always know where their referral is in the pipeline.
Tap into the extended network of your employees
Your employees are incentivized to connect their personal social networks, Scouta then matches relevant contacts as suggestions, matched to your company’s open roles.
Proactive referral suggestions, from Slack & Teams
When asked, people can only recall up to 3% of their network. Scouta prompts your employees with referral suggestions matched to your open roles, from right inside your company chat tools.
External referrals
Get verified referrals from employees of other startups

Tap into a new source of candidates by opening your roles up to referrals from the Scouta network.

  • Invite-only platform for verified referrers
  • Curated matching, only see relevant candidates
Candidate experience
Improve your candidate experience by referring your finalists

Instead of a cold rejection email, offer the candidates you almost hired; an invitation to be contacted by other great companies.

  • Get great candidates in return, for your other roles
  • Include your invitation link in your rejection emails
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